How to Make a Synthetic Wig Look Real: 101 Tutorial

How to make a synthetic wig look real is a common question among wig enthusiasts. Achieving a natural and realistic look is the ultimate goal, and it all comes down to mastering various tips and techniques. In this article, we’ll explore strategies to transform your synthetic hair into a stunning, believable mane that’s sure to turn heads.

The Hairline and Part Make All the Difference: Pay special attention to the hairline for a convincing appearance. Use a high-quality wig cap that blends seamlessly with your skin tone. Add baby hairs at the front of the wig for added authenticity.

The Art of Styling and Customization: Opt for heat-resistant synthetic wigs to have more styling options. Experiment with various hairstyles, such as braids, French plaits, and updos, to create diversity.

Taming the Synthetic Shine: The plastic-y shine is a giveaway of synthetic wigs. Combat this issue by dusting the wig with powder in a shade similar to your natural hair color for a more realistic, matte finish.

how to make a synthetic wig look real

In this article, Fluid Hair will explore How to Make a Synthetic Wig Look Real with a wide range of tips, techniques, and tricks to guide you on How to make a synthetic wig look real and help you achieve that realistic, natural hair look you desire with your synthetic wig. Whether you’re new to wig-wearing or a seasoned pro, these invaluable insights will elevate your wig-styling game, leaving you with a hairdo that exudes nothing short of fabulousness.

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How to make a synthetic wig look real: Selecting the Right Synthetic Wig

In order to master the art of How to make a synthetic wig look real, it is of great importance to choose the right wigs. Here are the things to consider when selecting synthetic wigs.

Choosing High-Quality Synthetic Wigs with Realistic Fibers

  • Opt for Premium Materials: The highest-quality synthetic materials or 100% human hair create the most natural-looking wigs. Human hair wigs, in particular, exude authenticity, as they mirror the texture, movement, and shine of real hair. The softness and natural feel of human hair wigs elevate your look, making it difficult for anyone to detect that you’re wearing a wig.
  • Explore Monofilament Wigs: For unparalleled realism, consider the marvel that is the mono or monofilament wig. These wigs feature a finely woven mesh cap called monofilament. This cap is airy, comfortable, and practically invisible, seamlessly blending with your scalp. When you wear a mono wig, it appears as if the hair is naturally growing from your scalp, creating a stunningly lifelike effect that leaves people guessing.

monofilament wigs

Opting for Wigs with Lace Fronts or Natural Hairlines

  • Embrace Lace Front Wigs: Lace front wigs are a game-changer in the world of wigs, and they are a must-consider option for achieving a natural hairline. The magic lies in the sheer lace strip at the front hairline. Each hair on the lace front is meticulously hand-tied, simulating the appearance of hair growing naturally from your scalp. This craftsmanship ensures a seamless and undetectable transition between your wig and your skin.
  • Prioritize Comfort and Realism: Beyond aesthetics, lace front wigs prioritize comfort. The lace panels allow for increased breathability, ensuring your scalp stays cool and comfortable even during extended wear. If you’re new to wearing wigs or concerned about bold and unnatural looks, lace front wigs offer the assurance that your wig will look nothing short of a natural, beautiful mane.

Considering Wig Color and Texture that Matches Your Natural Hair

  • Choose Matching Colors: Opt for wig colors that closely match your natural hair shade. Human hair wigs can be dyed and styled to precisely match your natural color. Experiment with different shades, highlights, and lowlights to achieve a customized appearance that complements your skin tone and personal style.
  • Subtle Color Difference: To achieve an authentic look, avoid straying more than two shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. This subtle difference ensures your wig harmonizes with your overall look and gives it a seamless finish.

Recommended Wig Colors for Different Skin Tones:

For cool-toned skin For warm-toned skin
Embrace warm colors described as “honey” such as golden blonde or orangey red. Consider colors like ash blonde and brown.

Tips for Styling and Maintenance

These are essential tips to follow if you want to know How to make a synthetic wig look real:

  • Gently Brushing: Treat your wig with tender loving care. Use a wide-toothed comb or a specialized wig brush to gently detangle the fibers, starting from the ends and working your way up.
  • Heat Styling: If your synthetic wig permits heat styling, remember to use low heat settings and avoid direct heat on the lace front to preserve its delicate structure.
  • Wig Cap Comfort: Enhance your wig-wearing experience with a high-quality, breathable wig cap. The cap provides a comfortable base, ensuring your wig stays secure and comfortable throughout the day.
  • Washing and Conditioning: Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing and conditioning your wig. Using dedicated wig care products will maintain the wig’s appearance and prolong its lifespan.
  • Avoiding Friction: Be mindful of potential friction against collars, scarves, or any rough surfaces that could cause tangling and matting. Secure your wig properly to prevent unnecessary pulling or tension on the fibers.

Starting at the Ends and Working Upwards

How to Make a Synthetic Wig Look Real: 6 Detailed Techniques

When it comes to wearing a synthetic wig, achieving a natural and realistic look is key. So How to make a synthetic wig look real? You want your wig to seamlessly blend with your own hairline and facial features, giving the illusion of natural hair. To help you achieve this, here are six detailed techniques that will make your synthetic wig look unbelievably real.

Washing and Conditioning the Synthetic Wig for a Fresh Start

Techniques Description
Use Specialized Wig Shampoo and Conditioner Use wig shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated to clean fibers gently and thoroughly. 

Regular hair care products may contain chemicals that can damage synthetic wigs, leading to tangling, frizz, and reduced longevity.

Lightly Spray with Conditioning Spray Lightly mist the wig with a conditioning spray 10-12 inches away from the hair to maintain softness without soaking the wig, which could lead to damage
Avoid Soaking the Wig Gently cleanse the inside of the cap and refresh the built-in style or hair pattern, avoiding soaking.
Use Fabric Softener for Softness and Fragrance After washing, spray diluted fabric softener over the wig for softness and a pleasant fragrance.

Applying Wig Primer or Foundation to the Lace for a Seamless Blend

  • Use Wig Primer or Foundation: To answer the question of How to make a synthetic wig look real and achieve a seamless blend between your wig and your skin, apply foundation or wig primer to the lace portion of your wig. This step helps the lace front to blend naturally with your scalp, making it appear as if the hair is growing right out of your head. It also helps to hide any visible knots or grid patterns on the lace, further enhancing the wig’s realism.

Cutting the Lace and Customizing the Wig to Fit Your Face Shape

  • Customize the Wig to Suit Your Face Shape: To make your wig look more natural and flattering, customize it to suit your face shape. Start by cutting the frontal lace in the shape of your natural hairline, leaving a 2mm distance from the base of the wig. This creates a seamless transition between the wig and your skin, giving it a more authentic appearance.
  • Create Natural Partings and Hairlines: Another technique to make your synthetic wig look real is to create natural partings and hairlines. Use tweezers to carefully pluck excess hair from the parting, making it look more natural and less uniform. This adds subtle variations to the hairline, just like in natural hair, and enhances the wig’s overall realism.

customize synthetic wigs

Adding Subtle Layers and Texture to the Wig

Ghost Layers Technique: To add dimension and texture to your wig without compromising its length, consider using the ghost layers technique. This involves cutting into the hair at an angle, creating soft layers that are barely visible to the naked eye. The result is a more natural-looking hairstyle with added movement and body.

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Using Baby Hairs or Flyaways for Added Realism

Incorporate Baby Hairs or Flyaways: For an extra touch of realism, incorporate baby hairs or flyaways around the hairline. These tiny, delicate hairs mimic the fine hairs that naturally frame the face, giving your wig a more realistic and effortless look.

How to Make a Synthetic Wig Look Real: Securing the Wig Properly

Ensuring your synthetic wig is properly secured is crucial for achieving a natural and realistic look. Proper wig attachment techniques can help prevent any embarrassing mishaps and keep your wig in place throughout the day. In this section, we will explore How to make a synthetic wig look real with various methods to securely fasten your wig and blend it seamlessly with your natural hair.

Applying Wig Adhesive or Tape for a Secure Fit

To achieve a secure and snug fit for your synthetic wig, wig adhesives or tapes are popular options. These adhesive solutions help keep your wig in place, even during physical activities. Here are some common wig adhesive techniques:

Solution Description
Wig Tape Use double-sided wig tape to adhere the front of the wig to your hairline, ensuring a secure and invisible hold.
Wig Grip Wig grip bands are made of breathable fabric that holds the wig in place without the need for adhesives.
Silicone Solution Sheet Silicone sheets provide a gentle grip, making them a good option for those with sensitive skin.

Blending Your Natural Hair with the Wig using Bobby Pins or a Wig Cap

To achieve the key to How to make a synthetic wig look real and seamlessly blend your natural hair with the wig, you can use various methods, such as bobby pins and wig caps:

Technique Description
Bobby Pins Use bobby pins to secure your natural hair under the wig cap, creating a smooth base for the wig to sit on.
Wig Caps Wig caps not only secure your hair but also create a barrier between your scalp and the wig, increasing comfort.

Choosing the Right Wig Cap Color to Match Your Skin Tone

Selecting the appropriate wig cap color is crucial to achieve a natural and undetectable look and answer the question of How to make a synthetic wig look real. The cap color should match your skin tone to ensure that it blends seamlessly:

  • For Warm Skin Tones: If you have a warmer skin tone, focus on wigs that incorporate warm colors such as chocolate, dark mocha, warm browns, chestnut, cinnamon, honey, and amber. These colors can be in the form of a full wig or highlights and lowlights.
  • For Neutral Skin Tones or Blue Undertones: Cool reds like strawberry blonde, copper, rust, or rose gold complement neutral skin tones or blue undertones.
  • For Cool Skin Tones: Colors like black, ashy brown, cool blonde, honey, beige, grey, and auburn work well with cool skin tones. These shades neutralize the skin tone, while highlights add dimension.
  • For Lighter Skin Tones: Rich brown tones with orangey undertones complement lighter skin. Warm chocolate highlights add texture to dark brown looks.
  • For Blonde Hair: Opt for golden tones or darker blonde shades to add warmth to lighter skin tones. Highlighted wigs can also complement your skin tone while staying true to your style.
  • For Bright Colors: If you’re experimental, go bold and bright with wig colors for lighter skin. Balayage or ombre looks to offer a mix of vibrant and natural hues.

Secure the wig properly

How to make a synthetic wig look real: Styling to Match Your Face Shape

Styling your synthetic wig according to your face shape is essential to How to make a synthetic wig look real. It enhances your natural features and helps achieve a harmonious look. Each face shape has unique characteristics, and certain wig styles can complement and balance those features. In this section, we will explore how to identify your face shape and select suitable wig styles, as well as adjust the wig’s length and volume to achieve a flattering and realistic appearance.

Identifying Your Face Shape and Suitable Wig Styles

Before choosing a wig style, it’s essential to identify your face shape. There are five main face shapes: oval, square, round, heart, and long. Let’s explore each face shape and the most suitable wig styles for each:

Face Shape Characteristics Suitable Wig Styles
Oval Narrower jaw, rounded hairline Almost any wig style suits oval faces.
Square Wide angular jaw, the same width as the forehead Styles with added height on top and narrow at the sides.
Round Wide hairline, circular form Styles with fullness and height at the crown.
Heart Wide forehead, high cheekbones, narrow chin Long wispy fringes, styles close to the head around eyes.
Long Narrow width, extended length Chin-length or mid-length with waves or relaxed curls.

Adjusting the Wig’s Length and Volume Accordingly

Aside from selecting the right wig style for your face shape, adjusting the wig’s length and volume is crucial to achieving a natural and proportionate look. How to make a synthetic wig look real? Depending on your face shape, consider the following tips:

  • For Oval Faces: Since almost any wig style suits oval faces, feel free to experiment with different lengths and volumes to find your preferred look.
  • For Square Faces: To soften the angles, add height at the top and avoid hairstyles that end at the jawline. Layered or wavy styles can help break up the strong lines.
  • For Round Faces: Create fullness and height at the crown while keeping the sides flatter. Face-framed wigs and an off-center parting are great choices.
  • For Heart Faces: Emphasize your features with long wispy fringes and styles that stay close to the head around the eyes. Avoid adding fullness and height at the crown.
  • For Long Faces: Add width rather than height. Chin-length or mid-length wigs with waves or relaxed curls create a balanced look.

Styling the wig

How to make a synthetic wig look real with Makeup and Accessories

Using Makeup to Blend the Wig’s Part and Hairline with Your Skin

Technique Description
The Drag Line your wig with pencil eyeliner and blend into your foundation for a seamless look.
The Baking Use a setting powder or contour powder to blend your wig with your skin tone.
The Blending & Contouring Use two eye shadows matching your skin tone to create natural shadows for a realistic effect.
The Tape Secure the wig with tape and use a liquid foundation or concealer to cover visible areas.

Choosing Headwear or Scarves to Complement the Wig Style

  • The Scarf: Wrap a scarf around your head like a turban, ensuring the lace front is well-covered, perfect for in-between wig-wearing sessions.
  • The Rubber Band: Wrap a rubber band around your wig and pin it with bobby pins, useful when you need to jump in the shower but don’t have time to wash your full lace front wig yet. Make sure all knots are anchored under the rubber band.
  • The Headband: Wrap a headband around your wig and pin it with bobby pins, a quick option when you need to shower but can’t wash your full lace front wig. Ensure the knots are anchored under the headband.

Headwear or Scarves to Complement the Wig Style

Adding Hair Accessories or Hats for a Natural Touch

  • Bobby Pins & Hair Elastics: Just like styling natural hair, bobby pins and hair elastics are invaluable tools for customizing your wig to suit your preferences. When using bobby pins, ensure they have protective textures covering the tips to avoid any damage to both natural and synthetic hair. Hair elastics with a protective coating are essential to prevent breakage and fraying. These accessories allow you to create various hairstyles, from intricate updos to casual braids, giving you the freedom to express your creativity while maintaining a natural and flawless appearance.
  • Flower Crowns: Embrace the enchanting and whimsical charm of flower crowns to add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to your wig look. Flower crowns not only serve as a stylish hair accessory but also function as an excellent “concealer”. You can cleverly hide bangs or sections of your wig underneath the base of the flower crown, securing them with pins or clips. Additionally, you can experiment with faux fringes by pulling sections of the wig forward and threading them under the crown, achieving a seamless and chic appearance.
  • Hats for All Seasons: Whether it’s a sun hat, beanie, beret, or baseball cap, hats offer a versatile and practical way to complement your wig style while protecting your head from the elements. Opt for hats that match your personal style and coordinate well with the wig color and texture. Not only do hats add a touch of authenticity to your look, but they also allow you to experiment with various outfit combinations, giving you the confidence to express yourself with flair.
  • Space Buns: Embrace a playful and trendy look by creating space buns with your wig. This hairstyle, where the hair is divided into two buns on either side of the head, is fun, youthful, and effortless to achieve. Adding space buns to your wig styling repertoire adds a fresh and natural touch, perfect for casual outings, festivals, or even costume events.

Flower crown

FAQs about How to make a synthetic wig look real

Can synthetic wigs look real?

Absolutely! A high-quality synthetic wig can look incredibly natural and save you money on maintenance. Unlike human hair wigs, synthetic wigs require less frequent washing and styling, making them a convenient and budget-friendly option. 

Source: wigs/#:~:text=A%20high%20quality%20synthetic%20wig%20can%20look%20very%20natural%20and,some%20of%20the%20added%20expense

How can I make my synthetic wig feel better?

To improve the comfort of your synthetic wig, try brushing it with a wide-toothed comb to eliminate tangles and knots gently. Additionally, washing the wig with a fabric softener or a professional synthetic wig conditioner can add softness and manageability, making it feel more pleasant against your scalp.


H3: How can I make my synthetic hair feel natural?

For a more natural feel, you can apply a small amount of dry shampoo or talcum powder to the wig. Gently rubbing it in will reduce shine without making the wig appear dull. Be cautious not to over-apply the product. Avoid using hot tools on synthetic hair, as it can damage the fibers.

What not to do with synthetic hair?

Avoid using hot tools on synthetic hair, as it can lead to fiber damage. Additionally, be cautious around heat sources like ovens, stoves, and open grills, as synthetic hair is not heat-resistant like human hair. Opt for heat-friendly options if you prefer styling with hot tools. 


How often should I wash my synthetic wig to maintain its realistic appearance?

The frequency of washing your synthetic wig depends on how often you wear it. If you wear the wig daily, it’s advisable to wash it at least once a week. Generally, washing it after 15-20 wears (approximately 2-3 weeks) is recommended. Regular washing and care contribute to preserving the wig’s natural appearance and ensuring it remains in optimal condition.

Do synthetic wigs fade in sunlight?

Yes, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause synthetic wigs to fade over time. To preserve the vibrancy of your wig’s color, it’s best to minimize sun exposure or protect the wig with a hat or scarf when outdoors. Additionally, storing your wig away from sunlight when not in use can help retain its original color and luster..

How do you make synthetic wigs look less synthetic?

To make synthetic wigs look less synthetic, you can try adding some dry shampoo to reduce shine. Opt for texture or powder sprays when styling, as they create a more natural appearance by reducing excess shine. You can also add waves or curls to the wig, as textured hair reflects light differently and appears less shiny than straight hair..

How do you make synthetic hair less puffy?

To make synthetic hair less puffy, it’s essential to wash the wig properly using recommended products and detangling tools. Choosing the right products specifically designed for synthetic hair can help manage frizz and puffiness. You can also use a flat iron on the hair lengths to smooth out any frizziness. Regularly trimming the synthetic hair and using a portable steamer to dissolve static can further contribute to reducing puffiness and achieving a sleek and natural look.

How do you flatten a frizzy wig?

To flatten a frizzy wig, try smoothing the hair fibers using dryer sheets. Brush through the sections with a wide-tooth comb to untangle and tame the frizz. Additionally, applying a leave-in conditioner can help manage frizziness and add softness to the wig. 

How do you make a wig look less plastic?

To make a wig look less plastic, consider adding waves or curls to the hair, as textured styles appear less artificial. Also, use texture or powder sprays during styling to reduce excessive shine. Creating a slick or polished ponytail can also give the wig a more natural touch. 

Conclusion for How to make a synthetic wig look real

How to Make a Synthetic Wig Look Real is an art and mastering the art of making a synthetic wig look real empowers you to transform your appearance with confidence. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored various techniques, from selecting the perfect wig to styling and accessorizing like a pro.

By prioritizing comfort and realism, you can confidently step into any occasion, knowing that your wig complements your individuality. The tips on choosing wig styles that match your face shape have given you the ability to create a harmonious and balanced appearance that celebrates your best attributes.

So share this post with your friends and neighbors, and let them embark on the exciting journey of enhancing their beauty with the magic of synthetic wigs. Together, we can break the barriers of creativity and make the tools of undetectable beauty an art form, where innovation and creativity unite to create the most authentic and captivating looks.

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