All products used during all services at fluid are all natural along with reusable and recyclable materials.
We also recycle the hair which is sent away for the production of oil spill mats.

Cuts – A cut is one of the most important parts of your hair. A structured haircut should make your life a lot easier. We pride ourselves on teaching you how to blow dry your hair at home so the work we do at fluid translates for you easily at home.
  • Ladies $65.00+
  • Mens $50.00+
  • Children $25.00
Colors/Chemical Straightening – Most color lines have a 13-30% ammonia level. So every time you color your hair you rip open the cuticle with a significant amount of chemical even if a dark color. Which essentially turns your hair to swiss cheese. Our Davines color is a 1-4% a HUGE difference. Your hair generally feels better after coloring because it binds to the frayed outer layer of the the hair (cuticle), filling the holes and imperfections.
  • Color $100.00+
  • (with cut) $165.00+
  • Foils $130.00+
  • L(with cut) $185.00+
  • Correction Consult
  • Hair Treatments
    – Ultra Dry $65.00
    – Regular Dry $55.00
    – Royal Jelly $75.00
    – Living Enzyme $65.00
  • Davines chemical straightening $140+
  • Brazilian Blowout $300.00+
Finishing Touches – All stylists at fluid have worked on projects varying from theater, music videos, photo shoots for local magazines, to family photos. These artists can create or simplify to whatever one desires.
  • Blow Dry $30.00+
  • Updo $65.00+
Extensions – We understand that growing your hair out is a task in itself, we’ve been there and we to love extensions. The reason why we push cold fusion is that the glue is silicon based. 1. The weft of hair is distributed over a larger area so there is not just one given area putting tension on the follicle. 2. The glue grows out with your hair and can allow your follicle to move at the root. 3. The silicon completely detaches from the hair with essential oils, Which saves a lot of ladies from having bald spots or hair breakage. If your hair is to fine and cannot hold the weight near the root we most definitely will sew a weave in.
  • Extensions Consult
  • Cold fusion 100/hr
  • Sewn Weave 150/hr
Bridal – A lot of our clients are like family to us so it’s very important for us to make the morning or day as comfortable and stress free as possible.
  • Special Day Trial $50.00
  • Special Day Updo $70.00+
  • Makeup $60.00+
  • Packages Available for brides and bridesmaids for a flat rate. Which includes Chai blueberry cupcakes with a lavender vanilla icing and mimosas to ease any bridal nerves. Prices vary on how many in bridal party. $500+