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Fluid Hair Salon Media Response to “Look Good In All You Do” Ad Campaign

In response to the recent controversy regarding one of the ads from our “Look Good In All You Do” campaign, we launched over the past year, we respect everyone’s right to their interpretation of what they perceive the message to be.  Similar to music videos, works of art, media, books, the ads were our interpretation of a particular “art form” – we are a Hair and Beauty Salon – our business is to make people “LOOK GOOD”. Is it cutting edge advertising? Yes. Is it intended to be a satirical look at real life situations that ignites conversation and debate? Of course.  Is it to everyone’s taste? Probably not.


Edmonton is presently the murder capital of Canada.  Media’s energy and time may be better spent boycotting dangerous areas, gangs, guns, other street weapons, or a sick justice system, which unfortunately is still sadly lacking when it comes to punishing abusers or any kind.


Last year, we released an ad with our interpretation of the BP oil spill, which also upset people. With that response we did our part to turn it into something positive and we donated all hair cut at Fluid to create mats to help clean up the oil. In that same fashion we will be actively setting up partnerships to generate donations with appropriate organizations in this community.  That is a promise. And we will keep doing what we do which is create high fashion, editorial hair styles with all natural products that won’t compromise your health. To kick things off any person that comes into Fluid from now on and mentions this ad we will donate proceeds from all services booked to the Edmonton Women’s Shelter.


If survivors of abuse interpret this ad to make light of any abusive situation, we sincerely apologize, that was never our intent as there are people that worked on this campaign who are survivors of abuse. To the rest of you who this has so deeply affected, we truly hope you do something to help stop domestic violence. Truly honor the survivors that you are standing up for. Unfortunately boycotting a hair salon will not accomplish this.


Media genre that promotes freedom of speech and expression only for themselves are hypocritical.  Please interpret the ad as freedom dictates – that is your right – just as artistic expression is our right.



3 Responses to “Fluid Hair Salon Media Response to “Look Good In All You Do” Ad Campaign”

  1. I`m reading your blog that I found on msn and it makes me think that there are still a few mates out there that there are passionate about their work. Good work with your article

  2. I respect your response to the controversy your ad stirred up. I agree with your statement that boycotting a salon is not the answer to helping with domestic abuse. I think all of the people that are upset about your ad should focus their attention on actually doing something positive with their anger. Your ad stirred up emotion and got people talking about domestic violence so good for you! You can’t please everyone but you sure can get them all talking.

  3. I think your ad was beautiful for the content and food for thought. Domestic abuse comes in many forms, it’s about time the topic was put into the forefront of our so-called ‘safe society’. While we are teaching our children that bullying is no longer acceptable, why should domestic violence, real name FAMILY VIOLENCE be ignored. Koodoes to your company for taking a stand, and give thanks to the producer of the ad for the guts it takes to tackle this issue with confidence and integrety.


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