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It seems as though the subject matter and photo series itself is accepted by people if it wasn’t an ad. As for all of us having our wonderful businesses as artists created an outlet to disperse imagery of subjects that hit home for all of us. If it was solely for the sale of haircuts it would have been published on other media platforms. But that was never the point. Legitimately when creating the series as a group of strong women we saw it as a great way to generate discussion and showcase power in hard situations. Not the opposite which everyone is so quick to jump to. In no way was it to showcase that everything is fixed by a haircut and some beautiful makeup. For those that don’t understand the photo if you look closely she’s strong, not looking at him, not accepting the necklace. Our thought process goes so much more deeply than that. But again everyone is entitled to their own interpretation, with that if any survivors were upset on any level, I am professionally and personally sorry. With that being said it is our fault for not making our stance and purpose more clear, we completely the image spoke by itself in the way we intended. This series means a lot to all involved. Fluid is not defined by just hair. We recycle hair for the production of oil spill mats, and after loosing my father we pushed for all products to be natural, our hearts are so much more in our work then people would like to think. ¬†We will put out more photos because that is how we communicate and by the reaction to everyone directly attacking me and some of those who worked on the project. It shows how prevalent abuse is still amongst our society. However we are blessed to have each other, and I’m honored I have gotten to work on a regular basis with a survivor of abuse, a model who works tirelessly for organizations trying to change humanity for the better, and some of the most incredible soft natured stunning personalities I’ve ever come across. Please read our blog for a letter from someone who worked on the shoot and is a phenomenal survivor. As far as is it or isn’t it your own personal taste. This bread discussion and that was the point.-Sarah Cameron

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  1. I`m reading your article that I found on bing and it makes me think that there are still a few guys on the web that there are passionate about their work. Good work with your devoted content

  2. You have my support.
    I get what you were doing.
    I agree with getting people to talk about domestic violence.
    Once you explained the point you were making I could get behind that.
    Art or ad that get’s people talking is a step in the right direction.


  3. Sarah,

    All of your ads show women as being strong in difficult situations. I don’t believe this message is being conveyed to those who are opposed to the photographs. Being Fluid means being Strong.




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